STANIM - Styrian Association for New and Improvised Music

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Board of directors

Josef Klammer, Annette Giesriegl, Josef Gr√ľndler, Elisabeth Harnik

Team of Experts

Nick Acorne, Gernot Tutner

Foundation of the Styrian Association for New and Improvised Music

V:NM became the Styrian Association for New and Improvised Music. The V:NM Festival became the STIO Festival.

Over the years, the V:NM's activities, which were originally focused on Austria, increasingly concentrated on the Styrian scene and Graz became the center of the association's activities. In order to present this development clearly and represent it more strongly to the outside world, it was sensible and necessary to establish a new association with the following objectives and focal points:

  • Styria moves to the center of our activities.
  • The Styrian Improvisers Orchestra (STIO) becomes the linchpin of the association and its activities.
  • The V:NM Festival becomes the STIO Festival and thus the successor and continuation of the previous 13 V:NM Festivals.
  • The "Styrian Meetings" cultural exchanges will be continued, expanded or draw on our good contacts from previous cultural exchanges. The focus here is on the Eastern European region.
  • We are creating a new pool of musicians with a connection to Styria.
  • We will reduce the number of festival participants and highlight the Styrian scene instead.
  • We will increasingly address and integrate the young scene in Styria.