STIO Festival 2023 15 - 17 May Graz / AT

Robert Lepenik

Robert Lepenik studied classical guitar at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz. In his artistic work he focuses on improvisation and electronic music.

Lepenik is a member of the artist collectives TONTO, crew8020_music and V:NM and has released severalalbums of his own work so far, for instance "mögliche unausweichlichkeiten" (2012), "PoSTepeno" (2012) or "ouate" (2020) . As a musician he has played with The Striggles, Picknick mit Weismann, Singing Adorno, The Gitarren der Liebe, Fetish 69, Melville, Laleloo, Das Fotogene Gedächtnis, Fran Sancisco, Kap/Lep, and Vienna Loop Orchestra, among others. He works as a curator of various film series, writes music for theatre and film and has been awarded the STELLA Theater Prize in the category Outstanding Music several times.