STIO Festival 2023

Krystyna Kirik

Khrystyna Kirik is a sound artist and double bass player working in experimental and improvised music. She graduated the Glier Institute of Music in Kyiv as jazz double bass player. She is a co-founder of musical project KK4TET that played contemporary post-bop and free-jazz ensemble FREEBUTTREE. Since recent years, Khrystyna has been actively engaged in electronic music under the pseudonym yyaii. She produce electro-acoustic music experimenting with double bass and electronics as a solo artist and as a part of audio-visual performative project called {л`і́н`ійі}. Also she is an active participant in the musical-theatrical project called Mariia & Magdalyna. Also she is curator of the music performative lab, launched on the base of the Dakh Acting School in Kyiv, where she is doing experiments with music and performance.
As a musician she broadcasts everything it feels through music. It is a chaotic deep, rhythmically arrhythmic sound in which both pain and search are felt.
As a curator she works with different groups of musician by setting some verbal conceptions or games by which a group could interact and play freely and expressively.
She explores the disintegration and reassembly of the musical canvas through chaos and constant variable structures. She explains how to interact and create without sheet notes and uses abstract concepts and states as a starting unifying point.
Artistic statement: 
"Improvisational music best reflects the modern world with its instability and huge information chaos, which changes very quickly and absorbs everyone and everything around. It is improvisation that is able to reflect and respond to this modern challenge."