STIO Festival 2023

Ensemble ETSA

19:00 Heimatsaal
Echo Ho – SlowQin, voc, electronics (GER/CHN)
Tilen Lebar – sax, electronics (SLO/NL)
Se-Lien Chuang – piano, voc, mouthorgan (A/TW)
Andreas Weixler – guit, electronics (A)

Tilen Lebar, Se-Lien Chuang and Andreas Weixler formed a blind date improvisation trio at the 7th Alpenglow festival - Styria meets Slovenia 2019 in Ljubljana and Graz. Echo Ho performed with Se-Lien and Andreas in a momentum within the Society for Nontrivial Pursuits at CMS Sonic Lab 2021 in Linz.

"Both performances developed into a special event for us, so that at the invitation of the New Styrian Association for New and Improvised Music we put together a best-of-four-worlds ensemble and look forward to another sensitive, acoustic and electronic ensemble." - Andreas & Se-Lien 2023, Atelier Avant Austria